Global Assistants


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The USW1World team is pleased to be able to offer students the exciting opportunity to become a Global Assistant (GA) under this very successful volunteering and employability project. We are always looking for volunteers across all USW campuses, different countries and backgrounds.

Below you can read the stories of current and past GAs to find out why you should apply to be a GA and you can find out more information on how to apply to be a GA on UniLife.

Evan Tamblyn

I first heard about the Global Assistants during my International Welcome Week. Thinking back to that week, I can recall the uncertainty, anxiety, and fear that was associated with studying abroad for the first time. Where do I go for food? How do I open a bank account? How will I make friends?! These are all questions that plagued me during my first weeks in the UK. However, they were all answered during the International Welcome Week with the Global Assistants and the Immigration & International Student Advice Team.

As a final year student who has been there before, I’m constantly energized by the idea that I now have the opportunity help students that are in the same position I was in just a few short years ago. Beyond that though, the Global Assistant position has allowed me to take on greater responsibility which will help build a portfolio for my career. The Grad Edge Award that comes with participating in the Global Assistant Programme is also a great way to stand out from the rest of my cohort upon graduating. My favourite thing about being a Global Assistant has been getting to meet other outstanding students and working closer with the University Staff on a number of topics.

Oluwatobi Owonubi (Tobi)

Aside from the hard work that comes with being a GA where your duties include people management and event coordination which could sometimes be daunting as a result of your normal school deadlines (You could opt out of any event that you feel would affect your academics), being a GA has been an awesome experience. I have met with people from different countries; I have learned new cultures as well as learned to speak a new language (Arabic – on a conversational level) as a result of interactions with new friends.

Studying in another country is no doubt difficult especially when you move here knowing no one – the GA has helped me in many ways including meeting new friends and expanding my acquaintance networks as well as being familiar with updates on immigration laws and being able to advise other students on what to do when in a fix. It no doubt boosted my confidence levels and would help me in pursuing my career in business management.

Venesa Watson

I am from Jamaica, and currently enrolled in the MSc Computer Forensics course at the USW. My favourite hobbies include: photography, cooking, travelling and watching crime dramas. One interesting thing about me is that my name should have been “Vanessa”, but the nurse who filled out birth certificate spelled it wrong >_<’

I became interested in becoming a Global Assistant after being invited to volunteer with USW1World for Welcome Week in September 2013. What I like about this scheme is that it is formulated with the intention of affording students the opportunity to gain and develop those important soft-skills, such as project management, teamwork, written and communication skills, through various activities organized by the department or by the Global Assistants. In addition, Global Assistants enjoy the perks of meeting new faces and seeing new places. I encourage everyone to get involved in any way possible – it’s absolutely worthwhile!