Global Opportunities

Did you know that undertaking a Global Opportunity can help you lift your academic results, improve your chances of employment or further study after your finish your course (and at higher level) and generally change your life for the better? No? Well don’t just take our word for it- there is plenty of reasearch out there that will back this claim up, including excellent studies undertaken by our colleagues over at Universities UK International so why not have a look?

Here at the University of South Wales we definitely understand and prioritise the benefits that having our students taking part in Global Opportunities can bring, not just to individuals but to the University as a whole. We want to give all USW students the opportunity to develop their skills and confidence to compete on a worldwide stage and to be rounded and successful global citizens.

In order to do this, we aim to bring together multiple diverse Global Opportunties for our students. You may have the option of studying abroad at one of our partners, gaining work experience overseas either through an Erasmus+ internship or through the European Voluntary Service or volunteering overseas working on projects with our parner, UNA Exchange. Whatever you are looking for, we aim to try and find something to suit both your needs and your pocket.

You may find that going abroad is much easier and more affordable than you think!

In order to help you get a good basic overview of the possibilities, the USW1World team have produced the Global Opportunities Handbook: A guide for outgoing students. This Handbook explains all about the different types of opportunities you can take part in, as well as highlighting all the Essential Information you need to plan and prepare for your time away.

We hope that, after reading the Handbook, you may have further queries or would like to see how you can take up a Global Opportunity. If so please email USW1World to access further help and assistance and make your dreams a reality!

Change your world today…