USW1World is built around the philosophy that students who have a clear sense of community and place, plus the opportunity to expand their horizons (both physically and mentally), have a truly increased chance of better personal and academic success.

It is very important to us that all students at USW have the opportunity to mix and learn with each other outside the classroom, to be able to build networking and interpersonal skills and have enhanced opportunities to engage positively with the local community.

In addition, we recognise that students who have the opportunity to work, study or volunteer in another country, and who can interact with people from all around the world, build skills and experiences that are both personally rewarding and a fantastic commodity in the world of work. This is especially important as we know many companies are now looking for their employees to be true Global Citizens.

USW1World is here to help you maximise your potential! We are always looking for ideas and assistance in making sure that you have access to meaningful activities that truly engage our students. If you think you have a great idea or you’d like to get involved further then please do email USW1World, join the USW1World Facebook Group or pop in and chat with staff in E001.

There are currently around 260 activities/trips/events/development sessions listed in the 2016/17 USW1World Brochure and which are intended as jumping off points for your own preferences and needs. Make sure you are familiarising yourself fully with what’s available and use the navigation on the right to see a bit more information around what’s going on and how you can be part of it.

You should also have a good look at the Global Opportunities which are available to you. Having an overseas experience might well be easier and more affordable than you think!

Why not get involved and make 2016/17 your best year yet!