USW1World is an ongoing University project that encourages community and cultural integration between all University of South Wales students. It also looks to promote student mobility (inwards and outwards) and raise awareness as to the significant benefits that this can bring.

USW1World is built around the philosophy that students who have a clear sense of community and place have a better chance of personal and academic success. It is very important to us that all students at USW have the opportunity to mix and learn with each other outside the classroom as well as inside and have opportunities to engage positively with the local community. In addition, the ability to have good communication with people all around the world is skill that is both personally rewarding and a fantastic commodity in the world of work- especially as many companies are now looking for their employees to be true Global Citizens.

The USW1World project aims to give our students the opportunity to develop these skills, to have a real sense of their place in the USW community and, of course, to have fun and make friends along the way!

There several strands to the USW1World Project and we are always looking for ideas and assistance in making sure that it delivers meaningful activities that truly engage our students. So, if you think you have a great idea or you’d like to get involved them please do email USW1World, join the USW1World Facebook Group or pop in and chat with staff in E001.

Current strands of USW1World activity which you can get involved in are:

USW1World Campus Watch

USW1World Global Assistants

USW1World Newsletter

USW1World Social Programme

USW1World Travel Club

USW1World Wales Weekend Volunteering

Forthcoming Events

Trip to Bath
September 24, 2016

Global Assistants
September 26, 2016

FAN Group
September 28, 2016

Pizza Puzzla
September 29, 2016

October 3, 2016